Thanksgiving Cactus

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I want to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!
The Thanksgiving Cactus is one of my favorite indoor house plants. We have had this one for years but it only seems to put out blooms close to the window. I guess it needs more light. They are pretty flowers and I like the color.

This is the first year I am trying to grow Narcissus from bulbs. It is my birth flower and so far it looks like it is growing good. I hope it flowers. Does anyone know if the bulbs can be used again next year? Can they be kept in the basement, in a dark place?

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14 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Cactus

  1. It mystifies me how the same cactus flowers in both hemispheres at the same time. Mine are in bud now and will be out in all their glory before Christmas.

    Re. your narcissus, They do best in clumps in the garden as they like to be planted rather deep in the soil. The rule of thumb for most bulbs is 5 x the depth of the height of the bulb. I am sure you can overwinter them in the cellar making sure the bulbs mature fully and have light while their leaves are green. A bloom boosting fertiliser applied now would ensure healthy strong bulbs for next season.

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