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Macaque Monkeys

I have not posted on this blog for sometime. I thought I would give it another try.

Hubby and I have been enjoying the Florida weather since the middle of October and we are now getting ready to head back home to Maryland. I have enjoyed birding in Florida, the birds here seem to be used to people and stay close. I try not to harass any wildlife for a photo and keep my distance. My Canon SX 40 has great zoom and I do not have to be too close to birds or any wildlife.

I am sharing some photos of the Macaque Monkeys we saw while visiting the Silver Spring State Park in Ocala Florida. They are wild monkeys and are not tame. We read warning signs to keep our distance. These monkey can bite and scratch, it is best to keep your distance.


These Macaque Monkeys were brought to Silver Spring Park in the 1930’s by Colonel Tooey a boat captain in the park. He thought the monkeys would be a neat attraction on the island in the park. Eight decades later the monkey population has increased. It seems the monkeys numbers are increasing in the park and in other areas around Ocala. The park offers a glass bottom boat ride and rentals of kayaks and canoes. The monkeys are part of the tourist attraction to this state park. My hubby and I walked the boardwalk taking some photos of the monkeys, that is until a few looked like they wanted to get too close to us. We preferred staying safe and decided to leave the boardwalk.

I have lots more stories on our walks and daytrips during our stay in Florida. I hope to post again soon. Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your day!


Glossy Ibis

Glossy Ibis

Glossy Ibis seen at the Edwin Forsythe NWR

I have a few shots of the flowers and plants around my yard. Spring is one of my favorite times of the year. The flowers are so colorful and pretty.

Bleeding hearts

Unknown flowering bush

Swallowtail butterfly

Creeping Phlox

Redbud tree

Blooming Azaleas

It is a little too soon for planting annuals in my zone. We must make sure the last chance of frost is really over. I am looking forward to seeing some more plants and flowers around my yard and in pots on my deck.

I would love to see your gardens, maybe see new ideas for planting and flowers.

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Thanks to the wonderful host of Today’s flowers, have a great weekend.

These are some shots from our visit to Wilkes Barre, Pa and our hike at the Ricketts Glen State Park.

The hike at Ricketts Glen is a strenuous hike, very steep with awkward uneven steps. But, seeing 20 or more waterfalls during one hike was well worth the pain.

The next couple of shots were from the city of Wilkes Barre, Pa. We spent the night since it was over a three hour drive from home. We were both tired from the morning drive and then the hike. Happy to do a nice dinner and then back to the room for some shut eye.

There was a hike-bike trail next to the canal or river in Wilkes Barre. It was a nice getaway for our long Easter holiday weekend.

We took a little walk in one of the city parks.

The park had some beautiful blossoming trees. They look like crap apple blossoms to me.

I hope you enjoyed the trip photos, I am sorry to see the weekend come to end.

Visit to the NJ shore

A couple of weekends ago hubby and I visited the Jersey shore. We spent the night at the Showboat Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City. Also when we are in this area we visit the Edwin Forsythe NWR.  I included a few shots of our trip.

Here we are on our way to the Jersey shore  going over the Delaware Memorial Bridge.  I thought this bridge shot would be perfect for linking to Louis meme Sunday Bridges  at

A view of the Showboat and Trump Casino in Atlantic City

Sunrise on the beach at Atlantic City, NJ

A Northern Shoveler seen at the Edwin Forsythe NWR

A few of the Snow geese seen at the refuge

We also saw a few of these Mute Swans.

We enjoyed staying at the Showboat and mixing in some nature fun during our short visit to the shore. New Jersey has great beaches and wonderful places to do some birding. I hope you enjoyed this post. And I want to thank Louis for hosting Sunday Bridges. Thanks for visiting my post.  Have a great week ahead.

I am linking up with Camera CrittersI know there are a lot of bloggers friends that love cats and I hope my post does not make my readers upset with me.  Recently, I read an article about birds killed by turbines in one of our environmental magazines. I honestly think that the wind turbines are horrible for birds, especially sitting in the path of migrating birds. What really surprised me was they listed domestic cats and pesticides kill tens of MILLIONS of birds annually.Above is a sweet Hermit Thrush!!

I would think logically the wind farms can be put in areas away from migrating birds. I read that engineers are looking into various ideas to protect the birds and actually try to keep birds away from the turbines. Suggestions were solid towers rather than lattice style which the birds like to perch on, radar that would slow the turbines down when it detected approaching migrating birds, flashing strobe lights at the top and even changing the color of the tower.

EDIT: As I was playing on the computer this morning and listening to the news I heard the Electric Co or State of Maryland wants to add a monthly fee onto our bills to help pay for a wind farm they want to put out in the ocean. I believe this would be near Ocean City, Md.  Now, this wind farm would be on the Atlantic Flyway for migrating birds and they want me to help pay for it. Are they are out their minds?????

This is one of the wild cats I have seen recently in my yard. I must find a way to keep these cats out of my yard. Should I call the animal shelter? These cats are wild, they have had no shots from a vet and raise babies in an old car that one of my neighbors keeps in their yard. If anyone has any ideas, I am open to suggestions.

Above my Wingscape Birdcam has captured some cute squirrel shots.

Another shot of my sweet Hermit Thrush

 My Goldie Girl looks a little upset I will not play ball with her. Goldie Girl recently had her long hair cut      and now looks more like a lab than a Golden Retriever. But, she is still my cutie.

I do have to admit I am a dog lover and a responsible dog owner. We keep our dog in a fenced-in yard and on a leash while out walking. Now, it would be nice if cat owners were responsible too and either keep their cats inside the house or watch them when they are outside or do they have leashes for cats?  I was horrified when I heard how many birds are killed annually by cats. When I see the  feral cats in my neighborhood, that keep coming into my yard all I can think of is trying to protect my birds and the cute chipmunks that must go into hiding to be safe from the cat. If engineers are willing to work on the problems of the birds & turbines I would think pet owners could find a way to protect the birds from their cats. As far as pesticides go, we are not able to use pesticides around our well water so pesticides are a NO-NO for us.. Also, aren’t there a lot of safe organic products that can be used on lawns and plants?

Sorry my critter post included a rant. I just care about the birds and wildlife. To see more cute and wonderful critters please visit Misty Dawn’s Camera Critters..  Thanks to Misty for hosting and thanks for stopping by my post. I hope everyone has a HAPPY weekend and Happy Birding to my birder friends.

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I found an interesting story about Narcissus. According to classical mythology a young lad Narcissus was so enamored with himself that he stared at his reflection until he eventually turned into his namesake flower. And this is how Narcissus flowers came into being! The word narcissus is derived from the Greek word Narke, meaning numbness or stupor. Some attribute the naming of the flower to its narcotic fragrance.

The Narcissus Paperwhites are easy to grow indoors. The bulbs begin to grow as soon as they are planted and will flower 3-4 weeks after planting. The stems are mid-green and grow upright. The white flowers appear at the top of each stem and are very fragrant.

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More from Longwood Gardens

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Longwood Gardens is a wonderful place to go during the holiday season. Their Christmas display of flowers and lights is beautiful. On my post for Todays Flowers I am sharing Longwoods display of Poinsettias. There were the more common Red Poinsettias I am use to seeing but they also had these gorgeous pinks and the pretty white Poinsettias.

Some info on the Poinsettia from Wikipedia: The poinsettias are also known as Noche Buena and is a flowering plant indigenous to Mexico and Central America. The name Poinsettia is after “Joel Roberts Poinsett” who was the first United States prime minister to Mexico.

The colored bract- which are often red but can be various colors like white and pink are actually the leaves. They need 12 hours of darkness to change colors but then the plants need a lot of light during the day for the brightest color.

I enjoyed reading about the legend of how the Poinsettia became associated with Christmas. The legend is of a young girl who was to poor to leave a gift for the celebration of Jesus’ birthday. The little girl was inspired by an angel to gather some weeds growing along the roadside to place on the church’s alter. Crimson blossoms sprouted from the weeds and became the beautiful poinsettias we associate with Christmas today. I think this is a lovely story.

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African Amaryllis..Cocktail

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Hubby and I visited Longwood Gardens to see their Christmas display of flowers and lights. This African Amaryllis called Cocktail was one of my favorites seen during our visit. The red and green colors remind me of Christmas.

Amaryllis ( name meaning to sparkle) is also known as the belladonna lily. A native plant of South Africa. Many bulbs sold as Amaryllis for the Christmas season are actually called Hippeastrum. Hippeastrum is a flowering bulb sold in the winters months which bloom well indoors.

This African Amaryllis has been bred to grow rapidly and have a shorter stouter stem which gives them a good proportional balance between the pot and the bloom.

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Thanksgiving Cactus

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I want to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!
The Thanksgiving Cactus is one of my favorite indoor house plants. We have had this one for years but it only seems to put out blooms close to the window. I guess it needs more light. They are pretty flowers and I like the color.

This is the first year I am trying to grow Narcissus from bulbs. It is my birth flower and so far it looks like it is growing good. I hope it flowers. Does anyone know if the bulbs can be used again next year? Can they be kept in the basement, in a dark place?

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