Macaque Monkeys

I have not posted on this blog for sometime. I thought I would give it another try.

Hubby and I have been enjoying the Florida weather since the middle of October and we are now getting ready to head back home to Maryland. I have enjoyed birding in Florida, the birds here seem to be used to people and stay close. I try not to harass any wildlife for a photo and keep my distance. My Canon SX 40 has great zoom and I do not have to be too close to birds or any wildlife.

I am sharing some photos of the Macaque Monkeys we saw while visiting the Silver Spring State Park in Ocala Florida. They are wild monkeys and are not tame. We read warning signs to keep our distance. These monkey can bite and scratch, it is best to keep your distance.


These Macaque Monkeys were brought to Silver Spring Park in the 1930’s by Colonel Tooey a boat captain in the park. He thought the monkeys would be a neat attraction on the island in the park. Eight decades later the monkey population has increased. It seems the monkeys numbers are increasing in the park and in other areas around Ocala. The park offers a glass bottom boat ride and rentals of kayaks and canoes. The monkeys are part of the tourist attraction to this state park. My hubby and I walked the boardwalk taking some photos of the monkeys, that is until a few looked like they wanted to get too close to us. We preferred staying safe and decided to leave the boardwalk.

I have lots more stories on our walks and daytrips during our stay in Florida. I hope to post again soon. Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your day!