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Zinnia is one of the annuals I chose to plant in pots for my deck. They are easy to grow and like full sun and can stand the heat. They attract bees and butterflies which is another plus for planting Zinnias. They come in various colors, this year I bought a pinkish color or maybe what one would call salmon in color. They are prolific bloomers and add color to any garden or in my case my deck. I love COLOR.

Thanks to the hosting team of Today’s Flowers. And thank you for stopping by to see my flowers today!

45 thoughts on “Zinnia

  1. Congratulations for being the guest friend of Today’s Flowers, Eileen!
    The Zinnia is a magnificent plant for the summer.
    Have a nice sunday.

  2. Your picture of the beautiful irises for the guest friend spot is awesome!I saw similar irises growing wild, carpetting the floor of the forest in the Himalayas.

  3. They are beautiful! I’m a fan of anything that attracts butterflies. My Butterfly Bush died this year, due to all the rain, so now I don’t have any flowers at all. 😦 Maybe next year.

  4. Eileen, your photos are gorgeous, both here and there in the TF. Congratulations! Congratulations also for being a friend guest today.
    Have a very happy week, dear!

  5. Congratulations as the Guest Friend in TF. I admire you as a lover of nature all around: birds, flowers, mountains.

    I can imagine how sweet your garden is when they are all in bloom.

    BTW, pink is my favorite of all the zinnias.

  6. Thankfully there has been a lot of breeding to get rid of the disease problems that always seem to plague my Zinnias in the past. They are now a pleasure to have in the cutting garden.

  7. And they come in single petals too! I love the thickness of their leaves. We used to grow them when I was younger as we lived in a tropical climate zone.

    Beautiful memory you have evoked me through your flowers. It makes me miss home.

  8. Your flowers are so pretty. I planted a few zinnias, too. I even saw your frog and pond. We have a heron that would come and get the tadpoles if I had an inviting pond like yours! Thanks for stopping by to see my mom’s columbines. Have a great week.

  9. Deborah

    Que belo buquê de zínias!!! Suas fotos nos transmitem muita alegria! Adorei ver as íris nas flores de hoje, são muito graciosas!

  10. Maria Zélia

    Que belo buquê de zínias!!!Suas fotos nos transmitem muita alegria! Adorei ver as íris nas flores de hoje, são muito graciosas!

  11. I have seen them in other people’s gardens and never knew if they were annuals or perennials. I guess we can plant them in the ground for the summer. They are beautiful and offer a nice pop of color in you have enough sun. Thanks for sharing.


  12. Your Irises in the guest photos are superb.
    Zinnias always remind me of my mother’s garden. An old fashioned flower but a star in any garden.

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