Bleeding hearts

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My Bleeding Heart or Dicentra plants were blooming earlier this spring but this is my first posting of my photos.

They are one of my favorite plants, I have a lot of favorites though. It is a perennial plant that blooms in April or May. They grow in partial shade to full shade. The plant is prized for the fringed like texture and the dusty pink blooms. I love the heart shaped flowers.

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21 thoughts on “Bleeding hearts

  1. Your bleeding heart are so beautiful. That’s a favorite of mine too but I lost the two I had some years ago. Not sure why they stopped coming back.

  2. Hi Eileen, I thought I’d pop back to answer your question about mine.

    The hydrangea are a deep solid blue when the blossoms mature. When they first start changing from the green buds to the blue, they are almost cream color and blue. After that there is some white in the center of the blue, and finally when mature go to solid blue. At the end of the season they change to an almost wine color before drying out and dying.

  3. I love bleeding hearts and mine are in bloom now too. They are very hardy even though they look fragile because of the blooms. So you are up in Maryland—on the otherside of the Potomac River. Enjoy todays showers. It will get warmer as the week wears on I guess.

  4. Your bleeding hearts are beautiful Eileen. Such a pretty shape aren’t they? I also love your little owl ornament. Thanks for sharing and have a great week.

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