Today’s Flower

These pretty yellow mum’s were also a gift from some friends during our little brunch party a couple of weeks ago. They are still looking pretty. I am not sure if they are a yellow version of the white spider mums. The petals are a little thicker than the white spider mums. Since they are in a pot I was thinking I could transplant them outside, what do you think?

Photos can be enlarged when you click on the picture.

In this shot you can see I have the mums sitting next to my cactus that is beginning to bloom again. I see lots of buds on the cactus that have not opened yet. It is my Easter cactus which also blooms around Thanksgiving or Christmas. We have had this cactus plant for years and it is one of my favorite house plants.

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24 thoughts on “Today’s Flower

  1. Hi Eileen, I agree that the white ones are a little thinner. I think it is a good idea to plant them.

    We also have a lot of succulents blooming in our botanical gardens!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Those are beautiful yellow mums. I usually plant potted mums outside at the end of summer although if started from seed I plant the seeds during the summer for early fall blooms.

  3. Lovely little dwarf mums indeed. If you plant them out in spring and cut them back, watch for the little side shoots and when they develop their own few roots, cut them off the parent plant and plant them separately for an autumn flowering. You will be amazed how easy it is to propagate this way.

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